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Biemme was founded in 1978 in Brogliano, a town in the province of Vicenza, Italy. A region doused in history and culture, the economy in the area thrived on industries such as tannery, textiles, fashion and chemistry. Maurizio Bertinato combined these qualities to create the greatest cycling mitts and gloves used by the professional teams at the time. Champions such as Merckx, Hinault, Fondriest, Moser, amongst several others, all favoured the Biemme mitts over any other brand. These champion cyclists all used their team kit, but maintained use of Biemme hand wear.

It has now become a major player in the field of technical clothing for cycling. Ever since its inception, Biemme has always produced and improved its products and technology through partnerships with professional cyclists, cycling teams, and cycling champions. Collaborations with cycling personalities such as Hinault, Moser, Saronni and Pantani have helped the company evolve to what it is today.

Biemme developed and conducted several laboratory studies and special projects to help develop fabrics and garments, finally testing them directly with athletes of various levels. Items are improved according to feedback received during and after testing, to help further develop the product to its best.

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